This is the first in an ongoing series of posts documenting what other people in Australia and around the world are doing to mak esure their voices are heard.

These include community engagement, Peoples Assemblies ( eg, developing strategies in response to climate emergency declarations), random selection and sortition, facilitated deliberation, participatory budgeting, citizens’ juries, and more.

If you know of any other examples that you’d like to see inclded in this series, please let us know!

newDemocracy Foundation 

Deliberately Engaging. Nivek Thompson is working with lots with local councils around the country .

University of Technology in Sydney (UTS) is offering two courses on deliberative democracy – in February and March for elected reps, council staff, facilitators, business leaders, and other organisational leaders.

Coalition of Everyone- ‘renewing democratic culture for citizen, community and policy-led change.’ Sonia Randhawa 

Sortition Foundation – “Let’s do democracy differently – Let’s do democracy better?